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About Us

Ahad Mitra Sentosa (AMSent) is a limited company (P.T) established on 18 June in the year 1998. Our technician is basically who were used to be a field technician of an established elevator company in Jakarta. AMSent intend of the national vertical transportation manufacturer in Indonesia.

AMSent is activities in manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance of Elevator and Escalator. By the time our product is a mixed of import product and local product . Many new extended components shall be produced, such as door operator, door hanger, and door case, safety shoes, fixtures and main controller. The local content of a complete units shall be increased from about 40%.

AMSent is capable of supplying and producing a complete installation of Passenger Elevators, including Hospital Elevator, Service Elevator, freight Elevator and Panoramic Elevators of acceptable quality.
We have done supply and installation lift with speed until 105 m/m, this improved by high rise building that we have been installed.

Due, developmental of technology in Lift industry, we always keep onward movement and never lost of quality with lift abroad production. Then we build up the personal employee in our company with send them to learn elevator and escalator in oversea with our principle company or join exhibition.
Our company was cooperate with others elevator and escalator company in abroad for licensed motor and controller, so that we capable assembling motor and controller by our own factory.


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